The whitest sand in the world, Hyams Beach

The whitest sand in the world, Hyams Beach

In mid-December, Tim and I went on a weekend getaway to the postcard-worthy Hyams Beach, a 3 hour drive south of Sydney. Hyams Beach is a charming seaside village nestled along the 20 kilometer stretch of beach at Jervis Bay, on the south coast of New South Wales. The beach is renowned for having the whitest sand in the world... and as the pictures show, it lived up to its reputation.

We stayed at Hyams Beach Bed & Breakfast for two nights. The house is newly renovated and decorated with beachy pastel colours. There are 3 types of rooms including the cosy Garden Room, which we chose for our stay. There's a beautiful view from the terrace overlooking the water and Hyams Beach is only a short stroll away.


Hyams Beach
With its world record holding white sand and clear turquoise water, Hyams Beach really is picture-perfect. It's becoming a popular destination for more and more travelers and during our stay the beach could get quite busy. So if you’re after a beach that’s a bit more private, but just as nice, take the car and drive for approx. 10 minutes/2.5 km to the expansive Booderee National Park.

Murrays Beach
There you’ll find Murrays Beach, one my favourite spots and a must visit whilst in Booderee National Park (pictured second last). It's located in a protected bay and is perfect for snorkeling. Murrays Beach is accessed via Jervis Bay Road through the National Park. Just drive straight until the road runs out and you’ll hit the car park, only a short walk from the beach via a lush bush track.

Scottish Rocks
Make sure you’ve also got time to discover some of the other untouched beaches in the park, such as the pristine Scottish Rocks. When we went, we had the whole beach to ourselves (okay, it was a bit overcast, but still)!

Note: To enter Booderee National Park, there’s an $11 entry fee (which supports the local Indigenous community) . This will give you 48 hour access to all areas of the national park, and is well worth every dollar.

We brought our own food for the weekend and cooked a simple breakfast in the mornings and a tapas spread on the first night. On the second night we decided to check out the local cafe (the only one in town...) just across the street, Hyams Beach Cafe & General Store. The food is basic, but was still pretty delicious, and hit the spot after a long day of exploring. The cafe is also open for breakfast/lunch and serves coffee all day long. 

Jervis Bay is a 2.5-3 hours drive south of Sydney. Make a pitstop, in the small country town of Berry and try a pastry from Milkwood bakery, on your way to or from Hyams Beach.

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